SHIYANLI Spraying With Agricultural Sprayer


● 1250HZis a frame kit which designed for agriculture Drone. It is using 30mm integrated arm pipe, anti-shock, stronger structure, which to make the drone flying more stable.
● The beautiful frame kit cover design, which can prevent duster and rain enter into center plate.
● Full Body Washing X1400 frame body is using CNC processing aluminum alloy center plate.The cover comes with fairshaped design and the surface is treated with protective coating, which is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. The overall waterproof and dusterproof design can be cleaned with water.
● Folding Storage The horizontal folding arm is fixed with a buckle, which is designed for easy storage and transporting.The anti-collision nozzles can be folded which is easy to replace and maintain.and quickly removed,which is easy to replace and maintain.

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