SHIYANLI Plant Protection Drone with Agricultural Sprayer


● FEATURE OVERVIEW & ADVANTAGE:LH-XH220 is a 6 rotors vertical takeoff and drone, the VTOL design with the long-duration airframe and was integrated with dedicated vertical thrust motors.
● The result:XH220 blends the ease-of-use and flxibility of a multimotor with the endurance and speed of an airplane. Now you can fly from confined spaces and stay airborne for 50~68min and max payload 3 kg.
● PAYLOADS:A modular payload allowing users to fly the best cameras available in the cabin or beneath the wing.
● APPLICATION:Survey & mapping ,Throwing function,Oil and gas pipeline inspection, Power inspection,Forest fire
● EASY TO TRANSPORT:adopts professional air transport case for easy transport and rapid assembly. The flight batteries are non-dangerous goods ( DG ) and . can be shipped worldwide with greater ease than batteries required by multicopters or larger systems.

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