EMAX Tinhawk S 600TVL Indoor FPV Racing Drone – BNF Version


● MOVING FORWARD: The Tinyhawk encapsulated the technological advancements made within the micro drone field, designed to fully realize the potential performance of a drone the size of the palm of your hand.But the engineers at EMAX didn’t stop there. With further advancements pushing the boundaries within this miniature scale, the Tinyhawk S was born.
● SMALLER IS BETTER: Determined to increase the efficiency of the entire power system, the Tinyhawk S features a newly engineered brushless motor that is both smaller in scale in order to reduce weight, but also be able to spin at higher RPMs, increasing the power ourput of the entire aircraft.
● OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE: Integrated into the Tinyhawk is a video transmission system with a first-person-view camera, allowing the pilot to utilize our Virtual Reality Google to experience a pilot’s view firsthand.
● VARIABLE CHARGER: Included is a variable charger which can charge both the default battery pack (1s) while also charging the high voltage battery pack (2s) all via USB port. Just plug into your phone charger and go!
● A NEW GENERATION: Utilizing this new power system, up to 20% more flight time than the previous generation can be achieved, as well as the ability to accept a higher voltage (2S) in order for the pilot to customize the performance of the Tinyhawk S. Featuring a dual slot mount, the camera will be able to adjust its angle to the pilot’s preference to help navigate the craft at higher speeds. With newly reinforced struts, the frame’s durability is unmatched in its class.

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