20pcs EMAX Avan 40mm 4-Blade Propeller


20pcs EMAX Avan 40mm 4-Blade Propeller 1.5mm Hole for 0802 Motor Indoor FPV Racing Drone Tinyhawk TH Turtlemode Props( Black Purple Red Blue Green)

● EMAX 40mm 4Blade propeller Mounting Hole: 1.5mm is matched to Emax indoor flying 0802 motor
● EMAX Avan TH Turtlemode propeller is the perfect accessory with the tinyhawk for those looking to have the Turtlemode feature
● With a special PC blend the Avan Mini weighs 0.63g/pc, solved the props scraping the frame problem
● 40mm props are designed to generate more thrust at a lower rpm compared to the stock Avan Tinyhawk propeller
● Pack of 20pcs Emax avan props, within 10pcs CW and 10pcs CCW. ( colors : blue, black, purple, green, and red)

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