Can A Home Drone Kill You? Probably Not.

Its hard to imagine, but this is a serious question. Aside from military situations, a typical drone cant really kill.

This is not to say though, that its important to use every precaution possible to be sure you do not hurt yourself, or others.

In an amusing Mythbusters episode, several tests were done to see if they can slice the jugular vain of a dummy. Eventually they succeed. I suppose this indeed means you can be killed by a drone. It also means we can build dummies with bleeding veins. COOL!

Man I love Adam and Jamie.

After doing some research, and mostly finding hundreds of lawyers who will sue due to drone related injuries, its obvious many can be hurt, sometimes seriously.

Its important as a drone flyer to be intelligent and not fly in situations where people can be injured. C’mon folks, look at this poor kid. who lost an eye due to a foolishly flow drone.

There is endless drone video of “fails,” which for the most part, are amusing. One of my favorites is this chicks hair doo getting destroyed during her wedding.

O, and who can forget Enrique nearly chopping his damned finger off live on stage! Drones, like any powered machine, take a bit of sense to use.

I think this is an excellent example showing that as drone flyers, we need to be sure we keep our machines away from nonfliers who may inadvertently just do something stupid which gets someone hurt.

So folks, lets be careful. Drones are dangerous. Its like flying around a circular saw…kinda. Just ask Trevor Bauer. Of course, few people are going to die, but people really can be hurt. Be smart, and dont let drones capture a label due to misuse. 

Here are some drones you most surely can hurt someone with. Buy them and just be careful. Dang.

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